Bouncy Castle At Christmas Church Picnic Blows Away With 8 People Inside

A church picnic went wrong today after a giant bouncy castle blew away today with 6 kids and 2 adults trapped inside.

A gust of wind caused the ropes to loosen and the bouncy castle took off with 8 people onboard.

A church member asked everyone to pray for protection but the Pastor replied “What’s safer than an inflatable bouncy Castle?”

One of the adults trapped inside accidentally punctured the inflatable after leaving keys in his pocket. He was then able to land the castle safely in Rowena St, the location of the proposed Bendigo Mosque.

Amazingly no-one was hurt. The experience did however leave the other adult onboard shaken and she promised to never fly again. Ironically she had just purchased non-transferable tickets for a Bendigo to Sydney flight days ago.

The unnamed man who landed the castle has been hailed a hero. Bendigo Mayor Margaret O’Rourke has promised a civic reception in his honour.

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