Primary School Wink Murder Game Turns Deadly. Parents Push for “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

What was meant to be a harmless game of Wink Murder at a local primary school quickly spiralled out of control, resulting in a tragic loss of a sixth-grade student. The incident has sparked outrage among parents, who now demand a ban on the game and advocate for adopting the safer alternative, “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Wink Murder, a classic game that children have enjoyed for generations, involves participants attempting to identify the “murderer” among them by winking surreptitiously. However, this innocent game turned dark when a grade 6 student in Mrs Quince’s class, Tommy Thompson, mistook a playful wink for an assassination attempt.

Local schools have since cancelled all future Wink Murder games and begun considering alternative forms of entertainment that won’t put students’ lives at risk.

While some parents argue that banning all games might be excessive, many wholeheartedly embrace “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to prevent further tragedy. Supporters say no one can get hurt in a game involving hand gestures unless you encounter a student born with Edward Scissorhands syndrome.

Teachers will meet next week to discuss the proposed change. Until then, concerned parents are advised to closely monitor their children’s extracurricular activities and provide guidance on the importance of playful but non-lethal competition.

As the debate rages on, the fate of Wink Murder hangs in the balance. Will it be banned forever, or will students be forced to wear safety goggles and sign releases before participating? Only time will tell.

More to come.

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