Remains Of A Reverse Centaur Found At Lake Neangar

Bendigo Police have launched an investigation after skeletal remains of a reverse centaur were found in a secluded area at Lake Neangar yesterday.

Someone reported stumbling across the remains in an area Thursday 3 p.m., Police said.

The remains appeared to have been at the site “for a lengthy period of time,” Police said. It’s not yet known how the reverse centaur died.

Unlike a regular centaur, the reverse centaur has a human rear and a horse front end instead of the other way around. Police said the remains appeared to comprise of two bodies.

According to long distant relatives, the centaur was last seen in approximately 600 BC after telling its family it was going for a run.

“This information, although sad, will hopefully provide some closure to the centaur’s family and friends,” Police said.

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