Local Man’s Day Ruined After Frozen Coke Machine Breaks Down

A local man has expressed his disappointment after being told that he couldn’t order a Maccas Frozen Coke after the machine broke down.

John Dunn said “I placed my order and when I drove around to the pickup window they told me the machine had just gone to defrost. I didn’t know what else to order. I kinda had my heart set on a Frozen Coke and the traffic behind me was making me nervous.”

The man reportedly yelled at the window attendant saying “How the hell am I supposed to eat a Sundae and drive at the same time without getting chocolate stains on my pants. It’s 40 degrees and I want my damn Frozen Coke” he said.

The staff gave Mr Dunn a regular coke with extra ice but he drove off without a straw.

The news comes as Maccas releases two hundred new frozen flavours including salad, kale and KFC.

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