Local Man Stuck On Napier St Upgrade For 3 Weeks Survives On Macca’s Sauce Packets

A local man who became stuck on the Napier Street upgrade lived to tell his tale of survival.

White Hills man Albert Hornsey was driving home from work three weeks ago. His VW Golf broke down after he accidentally missed a detour and drove onto a closed section of Napier Street. The car doors and windows became stuck and he was unable to call for assistance as his phone battery was flat.

A construction worker told The Bendigo Standard he saw the man but assumed he was parked outside his house and waiting for a song to end before getting out of his car.

His wife Sheila raised the alarm to police after he didn’t arrive home from work. They were unable to locate him.

Mr Hornsey told The Bendigo Standard he survived on packets of Macca’s sauce and KFC moist towelettes for the whole 3 weeks. His wife told him “I told you they’d come in handy.”

The condiments had been collected over a 2 year period and left in the glove box. They were only found when he started reading the car manual to keep himself sane.

He was able to open the car after remembering an old episode of MacGyver where he used food acid to melt a door lock. He poured the condiments down inside the door and amazingly, the door unlocked.

His family celebrated his amazing tale of survival with McDonald’s and have offered him free condiments for life.

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