Scott Cam Offers To Complete Napier Street Upgrade Pro Bono

The host of The Block and all round good guy Scott Cam told VicRoads today that he would complete the Napier Street upgrade himself and have it finished before Easter.

At his book signing of The Excavator Effect in Bendigo on the weekend, he said “18 months is way too long, this is a weekend job. I’ll take care of it pro bono, I’m Scott F&%$ing Cam”.

“VicRoads approached me about starting a Block spin-off called The Road where contestants will have 10 weeks to fix and repair a piece of Victorian roads,” Mr Cam said.

“We’re gonna throw in our own flair and replace the Weeroona College bus shelter with a Pergola,” he said. “We were going to get the people from Married At First Sight to help but they’ve never done a day of work in their lives. They’re too busy whining like a bunch of kindy kids in a private school who had their sandwiches cut the wrong way.”

If Scott Cam doesn’t finish the road, the upgrade will be completed mid-3019. The Bendigo Standard suggests everyone stay home until then so the staff from your favourite newspaper have a clear passage to their Strath Heights office.

The Bendigo Standard
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