Maccas’ Chocolate Soft Serve Looks Like A Poo

The latest addition to the McDonald’s dessert menu has Bendigo residents questioning whether they’re about to indulge in a sweet treat or embark on a risky game of dessert roulette. The chocolate soft serve has locals furrowing their brows and asking, “Is this a dessert or an avant-garde interpretation of a poo emoji?”

“It’s like they’re playing mind games with us,” said one perplexed customer. “I came for a sundae, not a psychological conundrum.”

The Bendigo Standard investigative team attempted to get to the bottom of the mystery, conducting a taste test and a thorough visual inspection. Our findings? Inconclusive. It seems Maccas’ chocolate soft serve is playing a coy game with our taste buds and visual perception.

One Bendigonian commented, “I took a bite, and for a moment, I wasn’t sure if I was indulging in a decadent dessert or participating in an episode of Fear Factor.”

While Maccas remains tight-lipped about the inspiration behind their avant-garde soft serve, locals grapple with an important life decision: satisfy their sweet tooth or risk confusing their taste buds with an unexpected chocolate surprise. The struggle is real, Bendigo. The struggle is real.

The Bendigo Standard