“Napier Street Road Works Are God’s Punishment For Allowing The Mosque” Says Local Woman

Local religious woman Jenny Jacobs announced today on social media that the Napier Street road works are punishment from God for the Bendigo Council allowing the Mosque.

The woman from the Half Way Christian Centre in Golden Square came to the conclusion whilst eating breakfast this morning and apprehensive about driving to her job in Epsom via the road works.

“It makes a lot of sense. We never used to have this much road works before the Bendigo council approved the Mosque. Even the protestors at the rally said God would punish us by allowing it so it must be true. I drive through it everyday and ask God why it’s taking so long and He told me it will never be finished.”

When asked for comment, God Almighty himself said “I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

Miss Jacobs is also a supporter of the United Patriots Front.

The road works are scheduled to be completed in 2024

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