Local Man Entombed In Fridge On Friday Escapes On Sunday, Surprising Loved Ones

In a baffling turn of events, Golden Square resident Barry Schmoot

escaped his makeshift tomb on Sunday, astonishing friends and family. Smith, a part-time carpenter, had been entombed on Friday in an empty beer fridge as part of a bizarre DIY project gone wrong. Witnesses say Barry emerged from the refrigerator with a newfound glow, sporting a robe made from empty Tim Tam packets and Iced Coffee Big M’s. Barry’s wife, Mary, was relieved and sceptical of her husband’s tale. “I’m glad he’s okay, but I can’t help but feel like he’s just trying to get out of mowing the lawn,” she said. Neighbours are grappling with the mysterious

event. Some call it a miracle, while others, like next-door neighbour Judas O’Reilly, remain suspicious. “I reckon he’s just angling for a public holiday,” said O’Reilly.

More to come.

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