Avid Parade Watchers Use Giant Tent As A Parade Save Spot

Avid parade watchers Jeffrey and Leeanda Goodas camped on the tram tracks in Pall Mall overnight on Saturday night after the torchlight procession so they could reserve a premium spot for Sunday’s gala parade.

The couple used a giant 3 bedroom tent as their save spot but Bendigo council requested the couple take down the tent as they failed to get a permit. The tent also blocked the trams and the view of the fountain.

The 3 bedroom tent was complete with a porch, kitchen and lounge. It was furnished with items such as a Weber BBQ, couch and fridge.

“If you’re gonna save a spot, you should do it in style so people know you mean business.” Mr Goodas said. “None of this ‘put a blanket here so you can go on the rides’ crap.”

Other spectators were not happy. “Who do those wankers in the tent think they are? This isn’t Coachella.”

The couple lives in Forest Street. “What’s the point going home if you’re back here in 12 hours time?” they said.

Jeffrey and his wife Leeanda are Bendigo’s most avid parade watchers. They have never missed a parade in Bendigo over the past 60 years except in 1983 when their car had a flat battery and missed the parade.

Mr Goodas requested a week’s annual leave to recover from both parades on Saturday and Sunday. “I love me a good parade but I’m knackered,” Mr Goodas said.

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