Right Up Your Alley: S#!*ty Bowling Launches In Bendigo

Long Gully Bowling Lanes will launch an alternative bowling league for any skill level next week.

S#!ty Bowling is the brainchild of proprietor Guy Boyman. “You don’t even have to be good at bowling. S#!ty bowling is for those who score under 100″ Mr Boyman said.

The new bowling experience will see amateur bowlers deliberately tank their games with the fun of bumper bowling with the lowest score winning. Competitors bowl while holding a ball in one hand and your favourite drink in the other.

“We don’t want to see any strikes or spares,” said Mr Boyman.

Professional s#!*ty bowler Barry Gale said “My daughter does better than me, with this new bowling experience her old man will show her a thing or two. That’s how I roll.”

Just like conventional bowling, each competitor will participate in two games. The first game will be the warm-up, while the last game will be the real thing. The only difference is the last frame in both games will be blindfolded via the ‘Bird Box challenge’.

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