Huntly Train Station: Officially the Least Visited Place on Earth

Huntly Train Station has officially been declared the least visited place on Earth, surpassing the previous champion, Nauru.

This momentous honour was announced by the World Unpopularity Association (WUA) after a thorough investigation of global tourist hotspots. “We didn’t even know Huntly existed,” admitted WUA spokesperson Bob Chantoozies. “But the numbers don’t lie.”

The station is so deserted that tumbleweeds have become the unofficial mascot. Bruce Wallace, the last train driver to pass through, shared his experience. “The tumbleweeds were so dense, I thought I’d hit a kangaroo,” he said, chuckling.

To celebrate this historic milestone, the town of Huntly plans a lavish, well-attended event. Sadly, no attendees can reach the party, as no trains are scheduled to stop at the station.

The Victorian Government plans to open a gift shop at the station to capitalise on the newfound fame. The shop will sell “I visited Huntly Train Station, and I only got this lousy T-shirt” souvenirs.

Officials are confident the gift shop will not affect the station’s desolation. “We’re only going to accept exact change, and our only employee will be on an 8-hour lunch break,” Mr Chantoozies added.

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