Huntly Resident Patiently Awaits Vengabus for a Quarter Century

In a stunning display of dedication and patience, a 52-year-old Huntly man, Trevor Trevmister, has spent the last 25 years eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Vengabus.

Neighbours report Trevor is regularly decked out in neon attire and clutching his well-worn Vengaboys cassette tape.

The Bendigo Standard attempted to contact the Vengaboys for comment on the location of the Vengabus but had not received a response and believed the Vengaboys might have been “going to Ibiza”.

“Ever since the Vengaboys released ‘We Like to Party’ back in 1998. I have been hearing that the Vengabus is coming, but all I ever see is the boring number 5 going to Kangaroo flat”, Mr Trevmister told The Bendigo Standard.

“You can’t rush the Vengabus. It’s a party on wheels, and the party never stops – until it stops here.”

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