Eaglehawk Scooter Rider Refuses To Acknowledge ‘Cool’ Skateboard Dad

An Eaglehawk Dad has relived his glory days as a semi-amateur skateboarder today at the Eaglehawk skate park while trying to fit in with his son and his friends.

Richard ‘Dicky’ Tarocash bought his son 13-year-old Jared on a father and son outing but Jared refused to acknowledge the 40 something-year-old as his father. When his mates asked him “who’s the old guy in the Stüssy hoodie and a backwards baseball cap” he said he had no idea.

“I was trying to be friends with my son like on the Gilmore Girls but he has Dad shame,” Mr Tarocash told The Bendigo Standard. “He’s my Rory to my Lorelai. The next time he wants $20 for the movies he can ask his mates.”

Jared’s friends asked him if he was a serial killer but replied with “Yes, I took out a whole box of Rice Bubbles this morning” and threatened to call the police on Mr Tarocash if he didn’t leave.

As Mr Tarocash was heading back to his car he yelled: “I’m leaving. Don’t call me later, call me Dad.” Jared rode his scooter home.

The Bendigo Embarrassing Dad’s Association (BEDA) applauded Mr Tarocash’s decision to embarrass his son. “It’s our job to embarrass the crap out of our kids for our own amusement. When he has kids he’ll do the same thing. It’s the circle of life, Hakuna Matata,” a BEDA spokesperson said.

“Justice is best served cold… If it was served warm it would be justwater.” said the BEDA spokesperson.

The Bendigo Standard
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