Eaglehawk Bin Captain Pranks Street By Putting Out Wrong Bins

A local bin captain has enraged his entire street by purposely putting out the wrong bin.

Jim Roberts told The Bendigo Standard  “I usually put out my bins first. I thought it would be hilarious to put the red and green bins out instead of the red and yellow one. You know, mix things up.”

When the residents of Mildew Cresent woke up this morning to discover full green bins they were furious.

Old Mrs Miller of number 84 said: “I’ve lived here for 69 years and have never seen anything like this. I remember a simpler time when we didn’t even have bins and we’d train bats to eat our trash which was in fashion at the time. And by the way, that’s how we got the Rosiland Park Bats. And another thing….”

Mrs Catchley of number 82 interrupted her. “I have to wait another two weeks to get my bin emptied,” she said. “We need a new bin captain.”

“Jesus died for our bins,” Mr Roberts said.

The Bendigo Standard
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