Bendigo Residents Brace for Trashpocalypse as Bin Night Goes Fortnightly

In their infinite wisdom, the city council has decided that we all have too much excitement in our lives and need a breather between taking out the trash.

Nothing says progress like forcing residents to play Jenga with their overflowing garbage for an extra seven days.

“It’s like waiting for Christmas, but with a distinct odour,” said one resident.

In an exclusive interview, Mayor Andrea Metcalf told The Bendigo Standard, “We believe in challenging our citizens to embrace the ancient art of dumpster Tetris. Who doesn’t love the sweet scent of decomposing leftovers lingering in the summer breeze?”

Rumour has it that City of Greater Bendigo is also planning a community event called “Bin Fest,” where locals can gather to marvel at the sheer quantity of garbage they’ve generated in a mere 14 days.

The Bendigo Standard advises everyone to invest in nose plugs, sturdy fly screens, and possibly a hazmat suit. After all, who doesn’t love a good Trashpocalypse every other Tuesday?

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