82-Year-Old Lost On School Excursion Emerges From Mine After 67 Years

One of Bendigo’s biggest cold cases has finally been solved after 67 years.

In 1952, Ted Scranton went missing on a school excursion to a goldmine located in North Bendigo. The then 15-year-old wandered off from the group but no one noticed he was missing until his class arrived back at school. A maths teacher forgot to do a simple headcount. Police rescue checked the mine and nearby streets but was unable to find him.

The man emerged after 67 years last week as an 82 year old from the mine, disorientated and blinded from the sun. He knocked on the door of nearby properties screaming but residents were unable to make sense of his incoherent rambling. Police were called and were able to identify the man via DNA matching as the grand-uncle of Mary Clunes. His mother, 125-year-old Elma Scranton-Schwartz is overjoyed with the news of her son’s return.

“The first thing his mum said was “Can I have my 10 shillings back?” Bendigo police said.

Police said the man was unable to find the entrance to the mine until the mine drained from last weeks storm.

The man survived for 67 years on a packed lunch containing nothing but 3 rounds of Vegemite sandwiches, some biscuits, and Bendigo creek water.

Ted’s family are amazed he created a hideout in the dark using old railroad sleepers. Bendigo Tourism is planning to open the Ted Scranton tour next year which will give people a chance to re-live Ted’s incredible life.

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