Teen Receives Glass Pipes from Wish.com. Parents Furious

A Maiden Gully couple has been left shocked and dismayed after their 13-year-old son Lucas received 10 boxes of glass pipes from the  Wish.com.

“I was just trying to buy computer parts and stuff to build my own computer” Lucas explained, “It’s not like the computer will be liquid-cooled with bong water.”

The glass pipes have made Lucas popular at his school.

“We have no idea what happened,” Lucas’ parents said. “He such a good Christian boy.”

As well as glass pipes, Lucas received an extra 15 boxes of adult toys, Nicolas Cage pillows, fake poo and Batman masks for cats.

“How many Nicolas Cage pillows does one person need?” Lucas’ Mum said.

Lucas’ parents confiscated the pipes and sent angry feedback on Bendigo Have Your Say.

“Mum and Dad said I might have to wait until I’m 18.”

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