K-mart Overtakes Post Office as Local Point of Reference

“She asked me how far it was from K-Mart,” said a completely baffled Eddie the Eagle, 42, from Huntly.

Apparently a young women, well, mid-twenties isn’t really young is it? I mean she was about 27. By 27 you could have kids, married, have a job, a house, travelled to Europe – or at least Melbourne a few times. If you said a young person had bought a Wedderburn coffee shop you’d think “young” meant naive – not stupid, just in that ballpark. But if we said “young” in age, you’d think “Needs a lolly-pop-person to guide them across a street to school”. Yeah?

Anyway, this 27-year-old asked Eddie for directions to the train station, and in relation to K-Mart.

“I had no idea where K-Mart was,” said Eddie. “It sounds like it should be in Lansall Plaza.”

It sure does.

Anyway, K-Mart isn’t at K-Flat.

It’s in the Marketplace.

Directly opposite the train station.

“I told her where it was from the Post Office was but she didn’t know where that was, so, you know, I gave her a smile and wished her the best,” said the Eagle.

Fair enough.

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