Ballarat To Merge With Bendigo

An announcement was made on Friday that Ballarat would merge with Bendigo to make one super city named Bendirat. The move has excited Ballarat residents as they have always believed Bendigo to not be as crap as their own town.

The Victorian Government believes that no one from Melbourne can tell the difference. The Andrews government has allocated $10 billion dollars to use lasers to cut around Ballarat and lift it out of the ground and move it to Marong. This was inspired after seeing Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

After polling both cities, citizens of Ballarat are for the idea as they are primarily Marvel fans, whilst Bendigo citizens are more DC fans.

The move will take place over Christmas with the Napier Street road works put on hold for another 2 years whilst the move is completed and Ballarat citizens are acclimatized to Bendigo’s more far superior weather.

Leave a comment below or if you think Bendirat is a good name for the new city or if it should be something else.

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