L Plater Drives Car Into Lake Weeroona Doing Bird Box Challenge

A 17-year-old L plater drove his car into Lake Weeroona overnight doing the Bird Box challenge.

Based on the hit Netflix horror starring Sandra Bullock, characters wear blindfolds as protection against an unseen force that seemingly takes over people’s vision by manifesting their greatest fears. 

Last night, the unnamed teen drove down Napier Street towards the CBD blindfolded after drinking 15 Red Bulls. According to police, he soon careered off the road, past the playground and into the lake.

The young man was not hurt but has been charged with reckless driving and driving without a fully licenced driver.

Local Police are working with a towing company to work out how to recover his parents VL Commodore from the lake.

Police have put a warning out “Don’t be a moron and drive blindfolded. This should be obvious or do you need your mummy to tell you to make your bed or wash your hands after going to the bathroom as well?”

Despite largely mediocre reviews, Bird Box has become one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

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