Woman Rushed To Emergency After Getting Cheezels Stuck On Fingers

A Kangaroo Flat woman is recovering in hospital after a birthday party went wrong.

Kealy Green was celebrating her sons birthday and thought it would be a great idea to put Cheezels on her each of her fingers. Unfortunately, the Cheezels became stuck.

Paramedics were called and were unable to remove the snacks. They had no choice but to rush the woman to emergency in an attempt to save her fingers.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The woman’s fingers were unable to be saved as the Cheezels had fused to the skin. The surgeons opted for replacing her fingers with Twisties. The mammoth 20-hour Twistieplantectomy was a success.

Her husband is distraught saying “It was only cheese!”

A spokesperson for the surgical team said “We opted for Twisties as the cheese acts as a glue. We tried Scotch Finger biscuits but they kept breaking the other way. We also tried Tim Tams from the staff room but they kept melting.”

The woman now has a new lease on life and believes the only downside is getting Twisties on everything.

Doctors have advised Mrs Green to avoid picking up anything or licking her fingers.

Mrs Green is still recovering at Bendigo Health.

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