Local Man’s Saturday Night Out, Dependant On Selling The Drone He Got For Christmas

19-year-old Bendigo Man, Eric McGregor, has taken to Bendigo Buy Swap and Sell to try and hock the drone his parent bought him for Christmas.

Eric’s parents paid $399.99 for the Dream GPS Wifi 1080P drone yet the ungrateful git has been a sly dog and tried to sell it for $200, so he can afford a night out with the boys.

Eric posted the sale on the Facebook site at 2 pm, Wednesday afternoon, exactly 10 minutes after Frogga posted in the Sedwick Cricket Club group chat. Frogga said “Alright lads, after Saturday’s game, few beers in the club rooms, then we get loose downtown, around town! Yeeeeeew the lads.” Eric’s plan seemed to be working perfectly when he had three enquiries within the first hour but none of them came through with the good.

“Two of the blokes were classic tyre kickers whilst the third bloke came around expecting that he could pick it up and pay me next week, ya got two chances, Cobber,” said the B grade leggie and lower order slogger.

Since he has not been able to sell the drone, Eric has decided to slum it and work the bar at the clubroom so he can smash free beers with the hopes he can get far enough ahead that he won’t need to drink when he gets into town.

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