Bendigo Residents Celebrate The Return of V/Line Buses

V/Line has announced the triumphant return of their bus service. Forget the convenience of trains; it’s time to embrace the nostalgia of sitting in traffic.

The decision comes as part of V/Line’s avant-garde approach to maintenance, a strategy that involves replacing functioning trains with buses to keep commuters on their toes.

Passengers have embraced the change as an opportunity to relive the glory days of disrupted travel. “Ah, the sweet symphony of honking horns and the hum of a diesel engine,” remarked one commuter, wiping away a tear of nostalgia. “Who needs the soothing rhythm of train tracks when you can experience the unpredictable thrill of traffic jams?”

V/Line assures passengers that the replacement buses will offer a range of exciting amenities, including spotty Wi-Fi, an eclectic mix of 80s seat upholstery, and a fun game of “What’s that smell?” for that authentic public transport experience. V/Line plans to randomly reroute buses through obscure country roads to add an extra layer of excitement, ensuring passengers get a scenic tour of Victoria’s finest paddocks.

Critics argue that the move is a step backward in the world of public transportation, but V/Line remains steadfast in their commitment to keeping commuters on their toes.

More to come.

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