Kangaroo Flat Man Plans Extra Shits After Buying Tower Of Toilets At Aldi

“I’ll be having curry every night for a week,” said Guy Cool, 32, of K-Flat.

The big block of Aldi toilets was a god send for Mr Cool.

“Sometimes, you’re there, in the kitchen, thinking, ‘Gee-wizz, I need to push one out,’ and there’s no toilet nearby, and like a jerk you have to go to another room to touch porcelain, so instead I now have an extra toilet right there and it’s really handy,” said Mr Cool.

He’s also added a toilet to the loungeroom, bedroom, second bedroom, wardrobe, other wardrobe, entrance hall, garage, laundry, front lawn, and bathroom.

“There was always one in the bathroom, but now we have a his and her’s, and the missus couldn’t be happier,” said Mr Cool.

Sadly, by all reports, Mrs Cool does consider having her own toilet to be the best thing that has ever happened to her.

“I’ve still got two more plonk tanks in the shed, in their boxes, which I might save for when a curry gets out of hand and I just decide to replace the dunny rather than scrub anything,” said Mr Cool.

Considering this, the toilet placed in the middle of the garden lawn has raised some eyebrows.

“Fertiliser from horses is worth $5 a bag on the road side, mine has got to be worth, what, I eat better than a horse, it’s got to be $20, and it’s not using any plastic bags,” said Mr Cool.

Aldi is set to soon of offer bulk buy discounts for family items such as front doors, oxygen, and seat belts.

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