Bendigo Trolley Pusher Breaks World Record

A Jackass Flat man has become the first man to push a trolley train, made up of 103 trolleys from the Rebel Sport Car park to the Coles Trolley bay.

Onlookers were blown away when they noticed the size of this trolley train, with one witness stating “I could not believe this man had the cardiovascular endurance or strength to achieve such a feat, considering I just saw him at the food court moments before, eating 12 dim sims (fried), a Wendy’s Hotdog, a large Big M (Strawberry) and a Packet of Salt and vinegar chips”.

Another onlooker was outside Bunnings when he noticed the world record attempt. “I just rushed over there, I mean, it’s not every day you get to see such inspiration. I cheered him on all the way to the finish”

The Jackass Flat trolley attendant overcame all the odds and gathered every idle trolley in the car park In 39-degree heat with no help from his colleagues.

The trolley train was over 50 meters in length. The train departed the Rebel Sport car park at approximately 12:33 pm and arrived in the Coles trolley bay at 12:42 pm. Many shoppers within Centro Lansell had heard the trolley train coming. Hundreds gathered at the coffee club entrance and gave a standing ovation as the man entered the building with the 50-metre train.

Once the trolleys were parked the man stated: “I’m going for a dart” and went out for a celebratory dart and a large can of Monster. When asked what the meaning of his achievement was he explained: “I couldn’t be stuffed making anymore trips”.

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