Bendigo’s Housing Market So Bad, Even Ghosts Can’t Afford to Haunt

In a shocking turn of events, it seems that even Bendigo’s spectral residents are feeling the economic pinch of the city’s housing market. Reports confirm that ghosts, renowned for their otherworldly moans and ethereal wanderings, struggle to find affordable haunts in the area.

Real estate prices have skyrocketed to otherworldly heights, leaving apparitions without a leg – or a transparent appendage – to stand on. Ethereal beings are now forced to consider alternative haunting options, such as lurking in public parks or loitering around the local cemetery, where the rent is, ironically, dead cheap.

“I used to haunt a quaint colonial house, but the living has taken over, and now I’m stuck haunting a rundown shed,” bemoaned one disheartened ghost, rattling its chains in frustration. The housing crisis has even led to paranormal protests, with spirits marching in transparent sheets demanding affordable ectoplasmic dwellings.

In response to the housing crisis for the dearly departed, city officials are considering implementing a “spiritual housing affordability” program.

 “We’re dealing with a serious living privilege issue here,” said spectral housing advocate Sharon Revenant.

“If ghosts can’t afford to haunt, what chance do we have in this housing market?” lamented Ms Revenant, haunted by the prospect of never owning a home, both in life and the afterlife.

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