Viewpoint Residents Wonder Why Their Central Park Looks Nothing Like New York’s

Viewpoint residents at Huntly have queried the council why their Central Park is nothing like the New York version in at least 25 cases of mistaken identity.

One resident said “I moved here because I Googled Central Park and loved how nice it looked. I didn’t realise I was looking at photos of New York.”

To the naked eye, it is easy to mistake Viewpoint’s iconic Central Park to a more iconic landmark. Both have lush green areas, playgrounds and lakes. The main difference being the high-level of kangaroo poo that magically appears every night.

“Why is there so much kangaroo poo? These are the tenth pairs of Nike’s I’ve bought this year,” said Burgundy Ford-Holden. “You wouldn’t see this happen in New York.”

“It’s not mine,” Sharlexia Phoenix said. “How do you know it belongs to a kangaroo?”

Locals are expecting once all the stages are completed it will be a thriving tourist trap featuring horse and carriage rides and taxi cabs every 30 seconds.

But some people still aren’t happy. Viewpoint resident and local know-it-all Thelma Thirstall said “Why did they even call it Viewpoint for? There’s no view, and I don’t like people pointing.”


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