Bendigo Brewery Wins Award for Most Pretentious Beer Name Yet

Bendigo’s Hops And Dreams brewery has clinched the prestigious Most Pretentious Beer Name Yet award in a stunning display of linguistic gymnastics. The winning concoction, dubbed “Arrogant Unicorn Tears Infused with the Essence of Elderflower and a Hint of Existential Dread,” has already left beer enthusiasts questioning if it’s a drink or an invitation to a philosophy seminar.

Brewmaster Phil Hopman, wearing his trademark tweed jacket with elbow patches, explained that he claims the beer’s name is a subtle nod to the delicate balance between whimsy and existential despair.

Critics argue it’s more like a desperate cry for attention from a beer that needs to chill out.

Mr Hopman expressed joy at the recognition in a statement: “We believe in pushing the boundaries of beer nomenclature. Our next project? ‘Existential Crisis Stout with a Twist of Lemon.’ Stay tuned for that masterpiece.”

Local patrons remain divided, with some appreciating the brewery’s boldness and others longing for the simpler days when beer was just called, well, beer.

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