Housing Crisis Solved! 110,000 People, 1 House, Infinite Awkward Moments

Bendigo residents have pioneered a novel solution to the housing crisis – sharing one house like a giant, dysfunctional family.

With over 110,000 residents now cohabiting together, the dwelling has been dubbed the “Bendigo Mansion” by locals, although some sceptics argue it’s more of a “communal clown car.”

“We’ve embraced the notion of ‘more the merrier’,” chuckled Mayor Andrea Metcalf as she tried to locate her toothbrush among the communal oral hygiene supplies.

Residents now participate in daily “Who Left the Fridge Open?” meetings and master the art of 10-second showers. The real estate market is in shambles, but Bendigonians seem unfazed, attributing their newfound camaraderie to this unique, space-efficient living arrangement.

Experts predict this trend will rise globally as other cities consider adopting the Bendigo model. Meanwhile, residents are grateful for the unexpected perks, like spontaneous karaoke nights and 24/7 potluck dinners. Who needs personal space when you have an entire city as your roommate?

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