Man Who Counts Sheep For A Living Falls Asleep on the Job

Doug Ray, 23, from Strahfieldsaye, has had a pretty rough few nights in the heat.

“I try everything, from listening to relaxing music, going for a night walk, and beating off to AFL trading cards from the early 90s, but nothing seems to work,” said Mr Ray.

Insomnia has really taken its toll on the young man, who’s job is now being impacted – like a tooth that digs into the gums.

“So I’m at work, right, and they’re loading the truck, right, and I’m counting the buggers, right, one, two, three, right, you know counting, right? I’m doing that, and then zonk, I’m out like a light switch that has hand clap activation,” said Mr Ray.

This situation has been a problem for Sheep Sheep And Sheep, Mr Ray’s employees, with trucks leaving the holding yards full to the brim with sheep, and some goats, but with records showing only eight having been loaded.

“They’re like, How many are on that truck Dougie?, and I’m like, Seven, or Eighteen, or whatever, right, I’m taking a guess, I don’t want to say too many because that’d be stupid, so I’m just remembering the last number I counted and doubling it, right,” said Mr Ray.

Seven is a prime number. You can’t double anything to get seven, unless it is three and a half.

“Well I was probably half-way though counting four, anyway, I got to get some sleep that’s not on the job or else my girlfriend is going to go bonkers if I get the sack,” said Mr Ray.

It really is a tough time to be trying to sleep in Bendigo.

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