Poppet Head Takes Well-Deserved Spa Day; Residents Wonder If It’s Getting Botox

The iconic poppet head in Rosalind Park has decided to close its steps for repairs. Sources close to the rusty landmark reveal it’s finally taking a spa day after decades of tirelessly overseeing the town. Residents speculate whether the poppet head will return with a smoother, more youthful appearance, sparking rumours of a Botox treatment.

“I always thought it had that ‘aged charm,’ but if it wants to freshen up a bit, who are we to judge?” said one resident, sipping a latte in the park.

City officials assure the public that the repairs are routine and that the poppet head will return to its charming self soon.

Meanwhile, the town anxiously awaits the big reveal, wondering if the poppet head will emerge looking more like a Hollywood A-lister than a historic landmark.

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