Galactic Empire Celebrates Star Wars Day by Blowing Up Bendigo

In a stunning display of force, the Galactic Empire celebrated Star Wars Day by obliterating  Bendigo in a move reminiscent of the destruction of Alderaan.

Reports indicate the Empire’s Death Star targeted Bendigo shortly after 6 am.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a bright flash of light followed by a deafening explosion that rocked the entire region. The Empire has not released a statement regarding the attack, but sources say that it was intended as a show of force to remind the galaxy of its power.

Residents of Bendigo are understandably shaken by the event, with many taking to social media to express their horror and disbelief. Authorities have urged calm and promised to provide assistance to those affected by the attack.

Many Star Wars fans were outraged by the attack, taking to social media to voice their dissent. However, some die-hard Empire supporters praised the move, saying it was a fitting tribute to the iconic movie franchise.

As of press time, it is unclear what the long-term implications of the attack will be for the people of Bendigo or the Galactic Empire.

The people of Bendigo are now left to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild their city from scratch. Some locals are setting up camp in Ballarat and Echuca. As for the Empire, it remains to be seen what they will do next to celebrate their favourite holiday.

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