Where Do We Wash Now? Ask Kangaroo Flat Residents

“A bird pooed in my hair and I don’t know where to clean,” said Albert Hooper, 27, from Kangaroo Flat.

The City of Greater Bendigo Council have recommended the closure of the Golden Square Aquatic Centre again.

“Sometimes I use the creek for a scrub, or, when the ducks let me, I have a splash in the pond near the doughnut van opposite APCO. Do you know if they will close those?” asked Mr Hooper.

Various members of the public are concerned about the future and what might occupy the site.

“If they could replace it with a giant Bouncy Castle that’d be cool,” said Mr Hooper. “I’d sleep there.”

The Bendigo Standard are unsure of the exact redevelopment plans.

“I hope they get one of those spiny wheel things we had when I was a kid. You know the ones? You’d sit in the box and spin the handle and it’d fling you around until you vomited? Hope we get one of those,” said Mr Hooper.

How to wash out the vomit or where Kangaroo Flat residents will wash now are questions the Council are yet to answer.

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