Married At First Sight Fans Ineligible To Vote In Next Council Election

Almost 80% of Bendigonians will be ineligible to vote in the next council election due to being fans of Married At First Sight.

In the latest survey conducted by The Bendigo Standard, 79% of Bendigo can name at least three of the tragics from Married At First Sight but were unable to name at least two Bendigo Councillors. While the remaining 21% would rather get a colonoscopy than sit through a single episode. This includes staff from The Bendigo Standard.

A spokesperson for the Bendigo Council said: “It’s all about priorities. If we can’t trust their taste in TV shows that are proverbial dumpster fires, how can we trust their judgement when doing something important like voting in local elections?”

“That’s like the Swedish Chef from The Muppets judging Masterchef or the Kardashians opening a library,” she said.

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