World Heritage Listing Considered For Bendigo’s Telstra Phone Booth

Outside Bendigo TAFE, across the road from Hop Supply, near the weatherboard church, just down from the Black Swan, not far from the Bingo place, a few stones throws from the Chinese Gardens, nowhere near the Central Deborah Mine, ages away from Epsom, is one of the last Telstra Phone Booths in existence.

“What does it do?,” said a teenager.

Few people remember what Telstra does.

Even their staff seem completely foxed on the subject.

Leading historian Noah Wyle sheds some light on the topic.

“This phone box, with its buttons and coin system, represent a link to the past,” said Mr Wyle.

“It was once a way for Holly Valance to make money in commercials, even Dougie the Pizza Boy if I recall correctly, don’t quote me on that.”

Bendigo’s phone box is unique.

Mr Wyle explains, “Normally they’re covered in escort aderts and human urine. This one is only partially defaced, and the receiver works. It’s quite the specimen.”

Voting on the Heritage Listing goes before the council of brains later in the year.

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