Bendigo Coles Only Playing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ For The Next 8 Weeks

It’s that time to deck the halls… again when Mariah Carey appears in your Spotify playlist.

Resident Coles turntablist DJ Gully told The Bendigo Standard they would be playing ‘All I Want for Christmas’ constantly rotating for the next eight weeks. “Is it the holidays if you aren’t listening to Mariah Carey’s banger on repeat?”

Coles believes It’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit, even in October.

It’s also ridiculously catchy, has a simple and relatable premise, and has instilled itself into the Christmas canon. It’s the musical equivalent to Nan’s pav and backyard cricket.

“If there’s only one song you want on your playlist, it’s All I Want for Christmas,” said DJ Gully.


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