Local Influencers Apply For Centrelink After Instagram Goes Down

Some local Instagram Influencers have had no choice but to apply for Centrelink benefits due to an outage on Instagram and Facebook.

Eaglehawk influencer 21-year-old Gemma Aliyah who has over 290,000 followers has had no choice but to sign up for Newstart. While lining up in the queue Gemma couldn’t help but take a selfie but chucked a tantrum after not being able to still upload the photo to Instagram.

Teachers in local schools have reported that kids have been more focused on school work today. “I’ve been teaching for 10 years and I’ve never seen so many well behaved and focused kids in my life,” said one teacher.

Jacob Jaredseth an Influencer from Kangaroo Flat with a following of 340,000, lost his mind and was kicked out of the Kangaroo Flat KFC after not being able to live stream himself ordering an Ultimate Burger Box.

Facebook does not have a time service will be restored but has suggested people continually check every two seconds to check if the service is working again.

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