60 Christmas Conversation Starters

We’ve finished off Nan’s Pav, unbuttoned our belts and slid down on our seat a little. Use these conversation starters to talk to your family and friends about the true meaning of Christmas and what it means.

  1. Which of the lock-down’s bought you the most joy?
  2. Been to any good protests lately?
  3. What is one swear word to describe the last two years?
  4. Have you put on weight?
  5. What’s happening in your love life?
  6. Have you found a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend yet?
  7. When are you going to have a baby?
  8. Do you still see/hear from your ex?
  9. When are you going to get a proper job?
  10. When are you going to buy a house?
  11. Would you like children one day?
  12. When are we going to meet your new boyfriend/girlfriend?
  13. Why did you do that to your hair?
  14. What happened to that nice person you were dating?
  15. When are you going to move out?
  16. What’s your thoughts on Anti-Vaxers?
  17. What’s your favourite QAnon conspiracy?
  18. Why won’t Grandma sit at the kids table?
  19. How do you feel about abortions?
  20. Have you gone back into the office yet?
  21. I love your outfit, where did you get it from?
  22. Why are you still single?
  23. Why aren’t you married yet?
  24. When are you going to get married?
  25. Can I get you another drink?
  26. Are you voting for Dictator Dan in the next election?
  27. Why won’t The Bendigo Standard write anything about vaccines or take down Dictator Dan?
  28. Did you shut the garage?
  29. Can you play something else apart from Mariah Carey’s Christmas album?
  30. What is your favourite Christmas song, and why is it ‘All I want for Christmas is you’?
  31. Are you mad at me?
  32. What did I do?
  33. Why aren’t you talking to me?
  34. Didn’t you wear that last year?
  35. Does anyone want anymore food?
  36. Betty White turns 100 next month. Which 3 celebrities would you kill to bring back the rest of The Golden Girls?
  37. Where the hell’s Uncle Mark?
  38. Why don’t you like my new boyfriend/girlfriend?
  39. How good of a job do you think Scomo is doing?
  40. Why aren’t you married yet?
  41. I can’t believe he had another slice. I haven’t even finished this one.
  42. Remember when you were 10 and I farted on your head?
  43. Didn’t I give this to you last year?
  44. Should you be eating that?
  45. Hows the job search going?
  46. Have you had your booster shot yet?
  47. Who farted?
  48. Seriously, who farted?
  49. I think [Insert relative] farted
  50. Who wants to talk politics?
  51. I have some Amway products in the car, I’ll be back in a sec
  52. You’re better than [Insert relative]‘s other partner.
  53. ‘I’ve been really thinking deeply about something and wondering if I can share it, and get your feedback?’
  54. Is there an open bar?
  55. How long until Uber Eats gets here?
  56. Can we share an Uber?
  57. Does this Christmas Bon Bon crown make me look fat?
  58. What are you all doing for new years?
  59. Why are you wearing a mask?
  60. Have you got your booster shot yet?

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