Lamington Drive To Fund The Completion Of The Murphy Street Roundabout

A local woman has taken it upon herself to solely fund the completion of the Murphy Street/Strickland Road intersection.

Sheryl, the grandmother of Bendigo Mayor Margaret O’Rourke will run a lamington drive in Hargreaves Mall for the next two weeks.

“I’ve baked 50 dozen Lamingtons. Just look at them” Grandma Sheryl said.

Since construction began at the end of November, the road has been plagued with funding issues. The upgraded roundabout of the old roundabout was supposed to be completed by the end of February but it’s only half completed.

Grandma Sheryl remembers Bendigo’s hay day. “Back in my day, before kids started doing drugs in the mall, they were buying lamingtons just for the coconut sprinkles.”

The Bendigo Standard
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