Groovin The Moo: Old Man Tries to Look Cool Wearing Stupid Red Hat

An old-ish gentleman was spotted today buying a Bendigo branded legionnaires hat from the Central Deborah Gold Mine.

“Hamish and Andy used to talk about these hats on Triple J last year,” said the old-ish codger. “It’s cool. Pack her up boyz.”

As the decades pass and youth fades, old-folk who are probably better suited to Double J events are giving youth culture a final fling by attending Goovin the Moo in Bendigo this weekend.

“I didn’t like Regurgitator as a child,” said this old-father time. “But now they remind me of sitting in the back car seat on a long drive pretending to my parents I didn’t know what Blubber Boy was really all about.” (Note: It’s something to do with dicks – ed).

Aside from enjoying sort-of memorable bands from the 90s, old-beans now have a chance to look at the mosh pit as a place where ‘accidents could happen’, consider queues for drinks as a ‘chance to rest’ and the St.John Ambulance Tent as an opportunity for a ‘free check up’.

“Being cool today isn’t about looking like you’re 19, but rather an understanding of good sun smart protocol and enjoying the great outdoors with fun loving humans,” said this old-guy in a stupid red hat.

Buy your stupid red hat at the Central Deborah Gold Mine for $10 and rep the ‘Go like you’re in your mid-30s.

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