Bendigo’s Gold Mines Contain Chocolate Coins, Claims Local Conspiracy Theorist

Local conspiracy theorist, Gary Diggins, has dropped a bombshell on the unsuspecting residents of Bendigo. He claims the town’s famous gold mines are loaded with chocolate coins.

In an exclusive interview with The Bendigo Standard, Mr Diggins said, “It’s a massive cover-up” while standing near an alleged chocolate coin he found in his backyard. “The government’s been fooling us all, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

The Bendigo Standard has learned that Diggins’ claim is based on his “sweet tooth and a keen nose for chocolate.” Diggins believes the government has been using gold foil to cover the chocolate coins, further concealing the secret.

Local geologist Sandy Smoot was quick to refute Diggins’ claim. “It’s absurd, and gold is a natural resource found here, not a sweet treat.” In response, Diggins provided “evidence” as a half-eaten chocolate coin. “I dug this up,” he said, grinning. “Tastes like Bendigo gold to me.”

As the debate rages on, some Bendigo residents have embraced the theory. One local exclaimed, “Forget gold panning; I’m going chocolate coin hunting!”

At press time, Diggins was seen leading a group of eager residents to the mines, armed with shovels and a sweet tooth for adventure.

The Bendigo Standard
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