Shazza Falls In Love With Braxton Doing A Fully Sick Burnout In The Long Gully IGA Car Park

Bendigo local Shazza Bacardi first noticed her true love Braxton at the Long Gully car park. He was wearing tight jeans with a flannelette shirt over an AC/DC shirt and had Chisel blasting from his 1988 VL Holden Commodore.

It was love at first sight. Not like the shitty TV show, but actual love at first sight without the marriage stuff.

Braxton told The Bendigo Standard “I was getting ready for Summernats and she was watching me pull off some pretty sick skids. She was yelling ‘I love youse!’ While downing a can of Mother which is bogans milk. “

“I don’t care that he’s not an Eshay or a cashed-up bogan,” Shazza said. “His circle work does it for me.”

I’ve always been attracted to bogans and think ferals are gross.” Shazza told The Bendigo Standard. “At first I thought he was a feral and not a bogan. Then I realised the difference between ferals and bogans is about $150 in Centrelink payments.”

Most of Bendigo agrees that Long Gully is the Frankston of Bendigo.

“Cops just turn a blind eye. They’re too busy booking people doing 60 down Wood Street over the speed bumps” Braxton said.

The Bendigo Standard