Bendigo On the Slops Kicks Off

The annual Bendigo on the Slops Festival has begun.

Immediately following Bendigo on the Hops, the Slops is the next day for survivors.

Real men.

Not weak craft beer wankers.

No soft cocks allowed.

It begins with breakfast at the Foundry, and continues on to the TAB at the Shammy, then off to the Broughie for a shandy and check on the races.

Then a few more bets before getting back in the car and driving out to the Bush Pig for a camp fire lunch, and a few tinnies.

Then driving via the Camp Hill for one, and back to check the tote at the All Seasons, and a few bourbons there plus a frothie or two.

Finally steer yourself out to the Hibo for a hot rock steak and a Bundy or six, before heading to Mr Bob’s and leaving the car there and getting the missus to pick ya up.

Bloody marvellous day for it.

First who spews pays for a round.

Second has to do a lap of the pool table, pants down, dick out.

Some say second prize is worse.

Bloody marvellous day for it.

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