Bendigo Brave American Import Scores On The Court And At Star Bar

New Bendigo Braves import, DeAndre Monroe from the University of Texas is excited to be a celebrity in the Regional City of Bendigo.

The 210 centremetre combo forward had a lackluster career at the University of Texas, averaging 4 minutes and 0.8 points per game but he has really found his feet in the non-basketball country of Australia.

Monroe has dominated both on the court and the dance floor in his first week in Australia. Scoring 59 points in his first game, Monroe backed up this effort by scoring 12 phone numbers at Bendigo night spot Star Bar.

Monroe has had a dream start in his adopted country, “the guys can’t hoop and the girls love my accent” crowed Monroe. Monroe plans to stay beyond the basketball season after being offered $1000 per game to play football for Wedderburn. “Apparently I’ll just stand in the forward line and I’ll be a country football version of Mason Cox, whoever that is” shrugged the giant American, basking in being a minor celebrity in a minor city.

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