BREAKING: Giggle & Hoot Cancelled. Hoot The Owl’s Dark Past Revealed

ABC announced last night that Preschoolers (and mum’s) favourite duo Giggle & Hoot have parted ways.

Hoot The Owl’s seedy past was revealed last night on A Current Affair that he is not that lovable owl kids have come to know.

His long time on-screen partner Jimmy Giggle had no idea about Hoot The Owls off-screen antics that included multiple drink-driving offences and drug use.

Back in August, Mr The Owl was busted selling drugs to undercover police officers. Mr The Owl is still maintains his innocence saying it wasn’t drugs but 20 grams of bird seed. “It wasn’t drugs but 20 grams of bird seed” and “Hoot Hoot, Motherf&@%$er.”

Mr The Owl’s tweets paint a broad troubled past that began 4 years ago. He became jealous and angry Jimmy Giggle won 2014 Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year and was overlooked.

In May Mr The Owl’s drinking problem caused his gambling addiction to spin out of control after he spent $200,000 one night on a room at The Crown Melbourne filled with drugs and prostitutes.

Back in September, he lashed out at his co-star Jimmy Giggle for excessive singing. Hoot retaliated by forcing him at gun point to do the 5 steps to bed. Jimmy Giggle promised to never allow Hoot to ride in his Giggle Mobile again to work.

This week, Mr The Owl turned up at work the day naked and still drunk after being in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend Hootabelle from the night before. ABC executives had enough and gave him a paid leave of absence.

A court order has forced Hoot The Owl to undertake drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Mr Squiggle and The Wiggles has been named as Mr The Owl’s replacements. New episodes of ‘Giggle, Squiggle & Wiggle’ start next year.

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