Chinese Dragons To Be Sewn Together Into A ‘Dragon Centipede’ For Easter Festival

The Bendigo Easter Fair Society announced today instead of 3 dragons in this year’s Easter parade there will be one giant dragon centipede.

Just like a regular human centipede, Sun Loong, Dai Gum Loong and Loong will be sewn together head to tail into a 150-metre giant dragon centipede named Centi Loong Pede.

The Bendigo Easter Fair Society has applauded the move “We want to showcase the majesty of the dragons and the new hospital. What a better way to do it than having both ends of a dragon sewn to another dragon.”

The dragons have been the headline attraction of the Easter Festival and have been a major contributor to tourism and local jobs in the region, with the long-running festival attracting 60,000 visitors each year.

“Dai Gum Loong is 50 years old this year. She’ll be in the middle. This is just our way of helping the old girl out” said a volunteer.

The Bendigo Chinese Association is looking for volunteers to help carry Centi Loong Pede. Previous experience in being part of a human centipede is prefered but not essential.

“We wanted to use some mosque protestors from out of town to carry Centi Loong Pede but they won’t return to Bendigo unless there’s a protest,” A volunteer said.

The Bendigo Standard