“Wallet Wizard? More Like Wallet Muggle” Claims Local

In a shocking revelation that has left the citizens of Bendigo questioning their financial choices, Wallet Wizard has been exposed for what it truly is – not a wizard at all. Despite the whimsical name, sources confirm that Wallet Wizard can’t summon mystical financial solutions or make your credit score disappear.

Critics argue that high-interest lenders like Wallet Wizard are less magical and more like some prick in a cosplay costume promoting financial irresponsibility.

“He’s just some rando in a cosplay costume,” said one Eaglehawk local. “I wish he was in Harry Potter so that we could watch Voldermort kick his ass.”

In a magical twist of fate, it seems the only disappearing act Wallet Wizard is capable of is making your savings vanish faster than you can say, “Expelliarmus!” Bendigo locals are now urging their fellow citizens to stick to more trustworthy financial institutions or risk being left with nothing but a bag of Monopoly money and a broken broomstick.

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