Council Shuts Down 6 Year Old’s Marijuana Stand For Not Having A Permit

When Bacardi Phonesdead helped her six-year-old daughter set up her first marijuana stand over the weekend, she thought it would be a lesson in entrepreneurship and charity.

“My daughter went online and decided she wanted to raise money for charity,” she said.

But they got an unexpected lesson too.

“Someone complained about my marijuana stand,” said Jessikaa who could barely pronounce marijuana.

“Turns out, you need a permit to operate a Marijuana stand in Bendigo, similar to the donut van at Lake Weroona,” Bacardi said.

The Marijuana stand wasn’t totally a bust. Mrs Phonesdead says her daughter raked in about $2000 for charity before getting shut down.

The girl’s father, Kurtis, told The Bendigo Standard that although the city council representative was polite, “I think that they need to relax a bit. We’re talking about a six-year-old raising money for charity, not reenacting a child friendly version of Breaking Bad for ABC Kids.”

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