Dog Drives Owner Home From Pub After Grand Final Win

The man and his best friend were out celebrating Geelong’s Grand Final win over the weekend.

Ablett the Labrador, a first-time designated driver, drove his owner home to Kangaroo Flat using his Tesla’s autopilot.

“Ablett did pretty well considering he’s colour-blind and can’t see traffic light colours” Craig Rodding, Ablett’s owner said. “I literally had no choice. Uber won’t let my dog ride, even with the window open. Taxis were an hour’s wait.”

Mr Rodding had complete confidence in Ablett. “I trust my dog’s driving more than most Bendigo drivers.”

Police conducting breath testing were so impressed they let Ablett go. “There’s no way the dog could get his lips around the straw and blow anyway,” Police said.

“Old dogs can learn new tricks,” Mr Rodding said.

“We’re very excited about this new technology and the autonomy we are finally able to give dogs,” Elon Musk said.

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